A series of 4 courses that cover the basic pre-tests of kinesiology, the testing of 42 individual muscles and using this monitoring process to identify imbalances in a person’s meridian/organ system, to improve posture and to reduce pain and discomfort. Furthermore, the student of Specialized Kinesiology learns about the Chinese Five elements, the influence of food, colour and sound on the meridian/organ systems in the body and much, much more.

NEURO-TRAINING (PTY) LTD ASONT: The Art of Solution-orientated Neuro-training is a workshop set to teach budding practitioners clear and precise information on how and why our neurology responds the way it does. It encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the tools and principles used in kinesiology and is a workshop even more advanced practitioners would benefit from. Contents include what kinesiology is, and what it is not; content versus context; our habitual defence patterns and how we use them to avoid the real issues; adaptation, suppression and solution orientation.

PRINCIPLES OF RECUPERATION: Here you learn the context of healing from the biggest picture. You are introduced to the MODEL OF UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES and shown how all aspects of Specialised Kinesiology , as well as all other complementary modalities, can be married into one easily workable system for the highest good of our clients. Covered in the workshop are an understanding of the workings of the Model of Universal Principles, the Laws of Cure, what a Healing Crisis is, how Suppression contributes to the creating of ill-being, the resulting inability to recuperate and what to do about this. This is a challenging and very rewarding workshop. (Pre-requisite : ASONT)

INNATE INTELLIGENCE: This workshop builds on the information from ASONT in a very congruent and empowering way. Covered in this 4 day workshop are the 9 intelligence; stress receptors of the head, hand reflexes, new neurovascular points, hypertonics, nine phases of testing; acupuncture points for the Laws of Cure, and much more. (Pre-requisite : ASONT and Principles of Recuperation)

INTEGRATION: The last of the Neuro-Training workshops for the Certification level, this workshop covers many new facets such as cranial work, the different sub-categories under the context of Integration in the Context List of ASONT, including, “unfinished business”, “dichotomy”, “relationship consequences”, “assumptions” and much more. Also included is a unique and expanded way of addressing chakra’s, and many related aspects. A thoroughly enjoyable workshop!

VISION, INSIGHT AND PURPOSE: Probably the most empowering and enjoyable workshop I have attended and now have the pleasure of teaching. In this 4 day workshop you are given practical assistance for achieving your personal goals as well as business projections. If we consider how much time we use living for our goals, it makes sense to take some of that time and use it to create strategies to become more fruitful and effective. Covered in the workshop are : value scales for different areas of life; conflicting beliefs, changing your mind, finding what you really want, how to get your subconscious to support your conscious goals etc. (ASONT, PofR, Innate Intelligence - preferably)

FEARS, HABITS AND BELIEFS: As a specific development of the Universal Healing Model, this workshop investigates the basis of how we are motivated to create the behaviours we exhibit in everyday life. Looking at the “true” causes of our misperceptions, rituals and emotions and types of beliefs, conflicting and congruent, enables us to choose more consciously how we respond to life and the situations that we confront on a daily basis. This workshop teaches you to understand the unique relationship between fear and intelligence, habits and emotions, beliefs and the physical world. A really wonderful workshop. (Pre-requisites :ASONT, PR and INNATE INTELLIGENCE)

WOMEN’S WELLNESS: NOT only for women… this workshop deals with all aspects of our endocrine system, balancing glands, finding our personal blueprint via the 5-pointed star, 2-pointing, 3-pointing the glandular reflexes, accessing the glands via the different eye positions, lymphatic drainage, pre-menstrual syndromes, different stages of adrenal overwhelm….. and how to approach and deal with all of the above. A VERY busy, informative and intense 3 day workshop. (ASONT, PR and preferably Innate Intelligence)

EMOTIONAL DEFENSES: If you have used muscle monitoring to identify emotions, you have been exposed to our subconscious representation of our emotional behaviours. These behaviours are represented in the brain as “patterns” that we access whenever we react to stimuli. If we do not find the correct emotional context, the same emotion/s keep coming up time-and-again! You will further explore the Motivational and Universal Barometers, identify and correct such contexts as : reactive emotions, formatted emotions, toxic emotions, denied emotions, fear of emotions and so much more. (Pre-requisite : BUK, HP and preferable Innate Intelligence)

BLUEPRINT SERIES : TAUGHT IN R.S.A BY JENNI HALKETT OF CAPE TOWN: This series is aimed at clearing away restrictive inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours. Using cheirology as landmark, issues such as the 9 brain functions, time line, fear spiral, and learned helplessness are addressed. All of this is dealt with in the first workshop. The subsequent workshops expand on the mental aspects, clearing limiting aspects of genetic influences, increasing our genetic energy and actively using our natural abilities of deep states, metaphors, time and space and energy. (Pre-requisites : ASONT and PR)

EMOTIONAL KINESIOLOGY I AND II: Compiled and written by Gudrun Lauterbach, reviewed and edited by Andrew Verity, Director of Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd, these workshops address the Emotional contexts using the Map of Universal Principles as basis. Emotions are classified as “energy in motion” i.e. e-motion. It is a known fact that 80% of all dis-ease is emotional by cause. As Andrew so aptly says, “what we still react to, we have not recuperated from”. These workshops focus on causes and techniques to assist us in this recuperation process.

In Emotional Kinesiology I we make use of a List of Emotions as well as the Universal Barometer to accurately identify which emotion/s are creating or influencing areas of concern. There is great emphasis on understanding the brain, and which areas are responsible for which functions. Time is taken to develop our lateral thinking abilities, to successfully approach and deal with specific age recessions, to use essences, lists and many other tools to identify correctly the context in which dis-ease is created and maintained. This is a 2-day workshop.

In Emotional Kinesiology II the knowledge and information gained in workshop I is expanded on. Covered in this workshop are : the different bodies, 3 models of relationship interactions, the Hierarchy of Needs Barometer , the emotional aspects of the different miasms, applied personology and much more. Emotional Kinesiology II is a 4-day workshop (Pre-requisites : ASONT,PR and Emotional Kinesiology I)

RELATIONSHIP RESCUE: This is a NEW workshop, written by myself over the past couple of years, which addresses the myriad of challenges clients, friends, students and acquaintances have brought to the table as regards the relationship with their significant other. After much research, reading and working with this aspect of our lives, I have addressed it in this workshop from a dual hemispheric approach. We cover strategies and techniques to satisfy the left hemisphere and introduce observations and processes for right hemisphere involvement. Most exciting is the model of “atomic reaction” which Kyra Gaasbeek and I discovered, by chance as these things happen, as far back as 1999 and which now seems appropriate to introduce to a greater audience.

These 4 modules could be considered the foundation stone on which a person builds their life and certainly is an “over-lay” to all courses done in Specialised Kinesiology wherever their focus lies. Developed by Dr Carl A. Ferreri, a chiropractor, N.O.T aims to get the neurological pathways in a person to function optimally. Attention is given to all neurological functioning with added options with regards to allergies, dyslexia, cranial injuries, digestive difficulties, the limbic system and certainly all weight-bearing difficulties, including extremeties. Brilliant in its effectiveness! .


A two day workshop where the nature of energy is explained in greater detail. An extended understanding of the model of the Chinese Five Elements is brought including expanded knowledge on how this model functions in our everyday life and relationships. The course includes looking at the five element personalities, facial and tongue indicators of energy imbalances, nutrition and the five elements, Hara energy imbalance, releasing perverse chi and much more.

Includes covering the various organ systems of the body, attention is also given to the metaphysical interpretation of illness and also the interrelationship between the various organ systems in the body. Yes, it is factual but…….. we also aim to make it real, alive, interesting and fascinating – after all, we express who we are with and through our bodies!