Who we are

Members of ASKSA:KZN are either students or active Kinesiology practitioners, usually referred to as facilitators. The active facilitators derive at least part of their income from kinesiology consultations. Upon enrolment with the Association, we entered into a contract, our Code of Ethics, whereby we agreed to the following :

Facilitators are governed by statutory legislation and regulation.

In addition to this, and in the conduct of my business, I am guided by the following principles: 

  • As a Specialised Kinesiology  Practitioner/Facilitator, I acquaint myself with and endeavour to adhere to, the code of conduct, guidelines and rules of the association to the best of my ability;

  • In addition to this, and in the conduct of my practice, I commit to the following principles:

  • To maintain the highest standard of professional conduct towards both the client and society;

  • Be fair and truthful with my clients and uphold professional client-confidentiality;

  • Observe, inform and practice within the scope of my accredited training;

  • To refrain from medical diagnosis, prescription, treatment or prevention unless licensed to do so;

  • To recognise and respect the validity of other methods of treatment and the ethical priority of referring appropriately;

  • To continuously seek to improve my knowledge and skills in support of my client's well-being and my own professional competence;

  • To undertake to inform, explain and confirm this process with my client, thus ensuring full client participation and choice throughout the consultations;

  • To uphold, at all times, the integrity of my professional colleagues and to address any concerns through the appropriate channels.

  • In addition to the above practitioners whose practice involves the use of specific tools or techniques, which can give, rise to ethical issues should include an appropriate clause in their code of ethics.